Who is the target audience of PANDA?

PANDA is aimed at trialists and researchers in clinical trials who are keen to learn about adaptive designs, their practical application, potential benefits and limitations. The target audience includes, but is not limited to, trial statisticians, clinicians, health economists, grant proposal developers, trial managers, data managers, and reviewers of grant applications. The user will be able to explore a range of adaptations that may be used in clinical trials and determine which method(s) are most appropriate to help them answer their research questions. PANDA has a practical focus, taking the user from the planning and design of an adaptive trial through to its conduct and reporting of interim and final analyses.

What is the scope of PANDA?

To make PANDA as useful as possible, it covers the following topics:

PANDA also provides key resources to help researchers use adaptive designs in practice, including:

This initial version of PANDA does not cover adaptive designs in early phase trials (such as designs for dose escalation), although there is scope to incorporate this in the future.